Horseback Riding

The First Wilderness area has a long history of horseback riding and dude ranches, dating back to the 1940’s when Westerns were all the rage in Hollywood.  A number of local ranches and guide services still offer rides on private and public lands.  Click here for a listing.

On public lands, there are two main trail systems within the First Wilderness area: The Luzerne trail system and a series of trails in the towns of Thurman and Stony Creek in the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest.

Luzerne trail system: The state-run Luzerne campground, located on Fourth Lake in Lake Luzerne, caters to equestrians and provides a barn and corral with a watering trough, and tent and trailer sites equipped with fireplaces and tables located in a nearby grove of pines.  The trail system consists of about 5 miles of trails on state land, traveling north-northeast of the campground, which connect to an extensive system of trails owned by nearby Dude ranches, including Bennett Stables.

Maps and more details about the Wilcox Lake trails will be coming soon, so be sure to check back.