Hour Pond (via 13th Lake Trailhead)

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This classic Adirondack hike follows the blue marked Peaked Mountain Trail along Thirteenth Lake, and then turns to follow the Thirteenth Lake to Hour Pond Connector trail along a brook.  Those interested in combining a paddle with their hike can paddle the first part of this hike, along Thirteenth Lake, and then pick up the connector trail where it turns from the lakeshore.  The connector trail continues one and a half miles to where it meets up with the Hour Pond Trail, which can also be accessed from the Old Farm trailhead via the East Branch and East Puffer Pond trails, giving this the potential for a loop hike.  The Hour Pond trail is well-marked with yellow markers; however, be sure to keep an eye out as you approach the beaver pond, as the trail continues to the right along the edge of the beaver dam and it may be very wet, especially during periods of rain.  Beautiful, sandy-bottomed Hour Pond is at trail’s end, along with a campsite on the shore and lean-to a short distance away.


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Location: Beach Rd (off of Thirteenth Lake Rd), Johnsburg
Parking and Directions:

From the south, take the Northway to exit 23.  Turn left off the exit and then right onto Route 9 for 4.2 miles.  Turn left onto NY 28 for 21.2 miles.  Turn left onto Thirteenth Lake Road for 3.3 miles.  Turn right onto Beach Rd for 0.6 miles. Beach Rd dead ends at the trailhead parking lot.
Google Maps directions
Trailhead Coordinates:  -73 7.11 43 43.18

Things to Do Nearby: Hour Pond is a great destination for a short backpacking trip and offers a primitive campsite right on the shore, as well as a lean-to nearby.  Numerous campsites also line scenic Thirteenth Lake, which offers swimming and paddling opportunities.  Many connecting trails, such as nearby Peaked Mountain, offer additional hiking opportunities.  Take a tour of a garnet mine at nearby Barton Mines, or do some mountain biking at Garnet Hill Lodge.