Hackensack Mountain Trails

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Hackensack is a small mountain located right in the heart of Warrensburg.  It has a rich history, with many of the historic buildings in the hamlet having been built with rock quarried on the mountain.  Its name is derived from an Algonquin word meaning “where two rivers come together”, and those who make the climb to the peak are rewarded with a panoramic view of not only the hamlet, but also the confluence of the Hudson and Schroon Rivers.  A series of trails loop up the peak and around its base and to a small pond.  Trails can be accessed from two trailheads, as well as from the high school property.

The mountain can be hiked as a short up and back, or combined with the base trails into a loop.  For those desiring a loop hike, start from the Prospect Street trailhead and follow the red trail up to the view from the flagpole, over to the summit, and back down to the intersection with the purple trail, which can then be followed around the base of the mountain to the intersection with the red trail back to Prospect St.  Those desiring a longer hike can check out the pond and surrounding areas on the mostly flat yellow trails. The trail intersections are well signed on the south side of the park, but hikers planning to do the loop should be sure to bring a map along, as intersections are not as well signed on the north side.

The trail to the summit from the Hackensack Ave trailhead is wider and more heavily used, but the hike up the backside from the Prospect St trailhead , while steeper, is well-marked, and offers nice views.  These trails can be quite buggy, especially after a summer rain, so hikers should consider long clothes and bug spray.




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Trailhead Locations: Hackensack Rd, Warrensburg; Prospect Ave, Warrensburg
Parking and Directions:

hackensack_locationTake the Northway to Exit 23. Turn west on Diamond Point Rd and then right onto Route 9 north.

For the Prospect St trailhead, continue 0.7 miles on Route 9 and turn right onto Horicon Ave. Follow the hiking signs and turn left on Pratt St, right on Terrace, and left on Prospect St.  The trailhead and parking area are on the right.

For the Hackensack Ave trailhead, after turning off Diamond Point Rd onto Route 9 north, continue 1.4 miles.  Turn right on Hackensack Ave and continue 0.2 miles to the trailhead on the right.  Parking for several cars is available at the intersection of Warren and Hackensack Avenues.

Google Maps directions
Prospect St Trailhead Coordinates:  -73 46.13 43 29.85
Hackensack Ave Trailhead Coordinates: -73 46.53 43 30.04

Things to Do Nearby: Hackensack Mountain is located right downtown in the hamlet of Warrensburg.  Visit the Warrensburg Local History Museum on Main Street, check out the Warren County Fish Hatchery, or swim in nearby Echo Lake.