The Four Lives

The First Wilderness Corridor guides you through the first true wilderness sought out by vacationers. Rediscover the beauty and recreation that the first vacationers enjoyed on their journey through the Hudson River Valley. Whether you tour the Corridor via car, bike, kayak, canoe, raft or your own legs, you will experience the history that has shaped this region.

Streams of history flow through these valleys, reflecting “lives” that continue to unfold. Be sure to visit sites and interpretive exhibits throughout the region to track the overlapping threads of the Four Lives of The First Wilderness Corridor.

CircleArrowNatural Forces and Native Peoples shaped the landscape and culture of the inland waterway rich with resources.

circleCannonConflict and Settlement traces the exploration, warfare and peacekeeping activities of nation-building along the waterway.

circleBoatCorridor of Commerce explores the trade in furs, timber, stone, minerals, farm products and technology that flows through these valleys.

circleTreeMagnet for Tourism reveals the evolution of tourism and stewardship of the environment.